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Cindy Fehr, NP & Clinic Director

With over 30 years of diverse healthcare expertise, Cindy is a seasoned professional with a flair for innovation. Specializing in medical aesthetics and armed with a passion for lifelong learning, she's on a mission to empower patients and fellow practitioners alike. From mentoring to achieving optimum confidence through natural results, Cindy's commitment is unwavering. Proudly expanding the first medi-spa and laser clinic in southern Manitoba, she's dedicated to serving rural communities with cutting-edge care. Beyond her clinical pursuits, Cindy is an educator, author, and advocate for health promotion. When not transforming lives, she's cultivating her sustenance farm with family, embracing the beauty of prairie living. Life's an adventure, especially on the prairies with Cindy at the helm.


Amber Payment, Skincare & Laser Specialist

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the spa and skincare industry, Amber is a seasoned professional committed to enhancing patient well-being. Specializing in laser treatments, her passion for excellence shines through in every procedure.

Recently certified to offer aesthetic skincare services, she continually expands her expertise to provide comprehensive care. Beyond her professional pursuits, Amber finds joy in spending time with her family and beloved puppies.

At the medispa, Amber's expertise and genuine care ensure every patient experience is nothing short of exceptional.


Caitlin Wiebe, RN

Caitlin earned her BSN degree in 2016 and has since been dedicated to caring for patients in various settings including NICU, PICU, and ER. Alongside her nursing career, she's pursued certification in aesthetics, where she's nurturing her love for enhancing natural beauty. With a deep passion for ongoing education, Caitlin is always eager to learn more. Outside of work, she's a proud mother of three who enjoys traveling, attending music festivals, and savoring a good cup of coffee, especially during the winter months. With Caitlin, you'll find a caring professional who is committed to your well-being and natural beauty journey.


Christy Cousins, LPN

With 19 years of experience as an LPN, Christie brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in orthopedics and operating room nursing. Excited for her new venture in aesthetic nursing at our medi-spa, she's eager to apply her skills and knowledge in this exciting field. Christie resides in Morden with her daughter, where they embrace the joys of everyday life. As she embarks on this new chapter, Christie's dedication to patient care remains steadfast, ensuring each individual receives personalized attention and exceptional service.


Kellie Collyer, LPN

After graduating from Brandon in 2018, Kellie made the move to Morden with her family. With a passion for medicine, palliative care, and travel nursing, she's eager to explore a new avenue in aesthetic nursing, supporting women in a fresh capacity beyond the hospital setting. When she's not on duty, Kellie cherishes time spent at their cabin by the lake, surrounded by her loved ones. As she transitions into this exciting role, Kellie's commitment to compassionate care and patient well-being remains at the forefront of her practice.


Danielle Jones, LPN (Brandon)

After graduating from Brandon in 2018, Danielle embarked on her nursing career, gaining valuable experience in acute and seniors care. In 2023, alongside her best friend Sherrie, she delved into the world of aesthetics, and together they fearlessly launched their own clinic in February 2024, with Cindy serving as their medical director. When she's not busy with her new business or providing home care, Danielle enjoys spending time with her pups and her fiancé. Embracing her role as a "Dog Mom," Danielle finds joy and fulfillment in the companionship of her furry friends.


Sherrie Neal, LPN (Brandon)

With 20 years of nursing experience under her belt, Sherrie has traversed various fields including acute, seniors, and home & community care. An avid learner, she finds joy in expanding her knowledge, particularly in aesthetics. Partnering with her best friend Danielle, they boldly ventured into entrepreneurship, opening their own clinic in February 2024, a decision they've never regretted despite the challenges. Outside of work, Sherrie treasures time with her family and embraces the great outdoors, especially at their family farm. It's where she finds solace and rejuvenation amidst life's hustle and bustle.

We aim for subtle enhancements that leave your friends and co-workers noticing a brighter complexion and a more relaxed, youthful appearance, rather than obvious signs of cosmetic work.

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